Monday, November 26, 2012

Upcoming Scenery and Weekend's Games

Some hobby and some gaming over the weekend.

Saturday I put together about 5 Tabletop World buildings and primed them ready for painting. These buildings are a joy to build and paint. Here’s the models you’ll be seeing on some of my tables in coming months.

Blacksmith's Forge

Timbered Cottage

On Sunday I managed to play a couple of games. In keeping with my usual form ahead of events I lost both of them.

The first was against fellow Masters’ participant, Locky Reid and his Skaven. Rather than run some rat-on-rat action, I used Tim Joss’s Tomb Kings list. It was an excellent game that was on a knife edge for awhile but in the end it turned into around a 14-6 to Locky. I lost the Necrosphinx, Necro Knights, two big Skeleton blocks and all three horsemen. Locky lost the Hellpit and a unit of Gutter Runners. I’m pretty sure both of us got a lot out of it.

In the afternoon I played Ryan Lister’s Vampire Counts. Ryan won by about 390 points picking up a lot of points in Turns 5&6, whereas I struggled to finish off his large Skeleton block (3 out of 40-50 left) and his Black Knights (1 out of 12 left). I probably picked the wrong spells in retrospect so it was a good lesson ahead of the Masters. In the last two turns a unit of Zombies beat both a unit of Gutter Runners and then the Doomwheel in combat. Like Locky, Ryan is a pleasure to play and he has been developing a VC list he is now very comfortable with.

This week I have to finish Tom’s Great Unclean One ahead of the Masters as well as re-glue a couple ofSkaven models I had to discipline after yesterday’s defeat.

The rest of the Tabletop models can be seen  by clicking the link below.  
Merchant's House

Timbered House

Town House


  1. Those buildings are superb and not a bad price either. I think I might have to get a couple of the smaller ones, though my paintjob won't be up to those standards.