Monday, November 26, 2012

Upcoming Scenery and Weekend's Games

Some hobby and some gaming over the weekend.

Saturday I put together about 5 Tabletop World buildings and primed them ready for painting. These buildings are a joy to build and paint. Here’s the models you’ll be seeing on some of my tables in coming months.

Blacksmith's Forge

Timbered Cottage

On Sunday I managed to play a couple of games. In keeping with my usual form ahead of events I lost both of them.

The first was against fellow Masters’ participant, Locky Reid and his Skaven. Rather than run some rat-on-rat action, I used Tim Joss’s Tomb Kings list. It was an excellent game that was on a knife edge for awhile but in the end it turned into around a 14-6 to Locky. I lost the Necrosphinx, Necro Knights, two big Skeleton blocks and all three horsemen. Locky lost the Hellpit and a unit of Gutter Runners. I’m pretty sure both of us got a lot out of it.

In the afternoon I played Ryan Lister’s Vampire Counts. Ryan won by about 390 points picking up a lot of points in Turns 5&6, whereas I struggled to finish off his large Skeleton block (3 out of 40-50 left) and his Black Knights (1 out of 12 left). I probably picked the wrong spells in retrospect so it was a good lesson ahead of the Masters. In the last two turns a unit of Zombies beat both a unit of Gutter Runners and then the Doomwheel in combat. Like Locky, Ryan is a pleasure to play and he has been developing a VC list he is now very comfortable with.

This week I have to finish Tom’s Great Unclean One ahead of the Masters as well as re-glue a couple ofSkaven models I had to discipline after yesterday’s defeat.

The rest of the Tabletop models can be seen  by clicking the link below.  
Merchant's House

Timbered House

Town House

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  1. Those buildings are superb and not a bad price either. I think I might have to get a couple of the smaller ones, though my paintjob won't be up to those standards.