Friday, November 2, 2012

Warhammer Forge - New Models

Spotted at Games Day France were new Goblins.......

And some intriguing models in the background and truncated at the side.

I quite like the Armoured Squig (Mangler proxy for me) and the Banner Bearer.

There were also new Dwarfs...but as expected these were quite dull. I'll put in a picture of the Trollslayer just to show I'm not Dwarfist (even though I obviously am).

Only small though - like the readership interested in such stuff.


  1. i like the BSB, not much of a fan of armoured squig. I like the troll slayer model....

  2. That dwarf slayer model is AWESOME, looks like the one in the first trailer they made for Warhammer Online (which is also brilliant). Cheers for sharing the pic., Pete.

    - Adam Richards

  3. Trying not to sound biased or anything, but the Slayer looks like a badass. Best model there. And new Dwarf models could only mean one thing...!

    Right...? lol.

  4. Right, GW have given up on Dwarf's finally and they will be a Forge World only list alongside thier Chaos cousins :)

    Maybe they will be worth a White Dwarf update supplement... Maybe.

    Then they can concentrate on giving more toys to the important armies like Skaven, everyone else get's monster cav and Skaven have no toys to play with...... :)

    1. Well if Forge world made a list for them, that would be fantastic, they've got some really good stuff. And looking at the Chaos Dwarfs and how they've done on them, I've only got higher hopes if that is the case.

      You wait Dave, Bear Riders, Zepplins, new warmachines, and lots of new ways to sit in a corner... HA!

  5. The night goblins are nice, very nice, but I already have so many of the little gits. I had high hopes for the dwarfs, but that trollslayer is awful, his head comes out of his chest like some chaos mutant. The armoured dwarfs (not shown here but on Warseer) are nicer, very highly detailed, but nothing amazing, the beards are really flat. Personally, I prefer AOW models, from the few pictures released to date.

  6. AoW Slayers are def better. if new book makes slayers worthwhile or better yet includes a slayer army list ill be buying a few boxes of them

  7. I don't like the Dwarves at all, which is just as well as I have enough as it is. I like mine with a neck for starters, rather than a head that comes directly out of the chest. I'm not sure what happened at that Karak, looks like they swapped their necks for humpbacks. Give me AOW any day, their slayers/bezerkers are superb and their characters are pretty good too, if you don't mine the phone-book thickness of their weapons.

    The goblins are nice, especially that Squig.