Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vermintide IV Results

Neil Williamson has sent through the results of Vermintide IV, the 1200 point tournament played here in Wellington yesterday.

Ten different armies in the Top 10.

Well done to Joel on his first tournament has been coming for a few month's now and gives him some confidence running into the Masters.

Nice to see a full field of 20 - special thanks to the Palmy contingent that came down.

Great success for Neil, the Marauders and the Warlords.


  1. Sweet, I actually got the battle points to have made top 5 (just) if I had had the time to finish up my painting.

    Very happy with how the games went overall, got on the bad side of the dice gods on some games but they definately balanced it out in others :)

    Most importantly I really enjoyed all my games, it was a great tournament, well organised and a good bunch of people to play against :)

    A great way to mark my first year of tournaments, I can't beleive my first ever tournament was Vermintide last year!

    Dave A

    1. I've been doing Tournaments for exactly a year as well, Vermintide 2011 being my first to!

  2. I am curious to see how the sportmanship was done.

    I seems a bit silly to me that people pretty much always get max sports points. It kind of defeats the purpose apart from acting as a deterrent for people who might otherwise been dick like in their game play.

    I would like to sportmanship somehow done in a way so that there is a clear winner.

    /end brain fart

    1. Score of 0, 1, or 3. Default score was 3. Need really, really, really good reason to give a 1 or 0 (and usually double checked by TO).

      Basically stops people marking opponent's down on Sports to get points bonus (eg top table last game with close result. If had discretion on sports score it could be tactical to mark opponent down to secure top placing).

      It also sets an expectation of behaviour + the disincentive is a really good thing.

    2. Yeah the point isn't really to differentiate the field. It's just to provide encouragement to play nice. Theres always a vote for best sport at the end to determine a "winner".

      Others ways of doing sports aren't bad per se, but I personally find they turn it into a bit of a prrsonality contest, which only hurts the nice quiet guys who aren't as extroverted as others.

    3. The objectives of the tournanment are for players to have a good time playing Warhammer against like minded people, and to encourage new players into the hobby and into tournament play.
      In order to meet these objectives it is important that the boundaries and expectations of behaviour / sporstmanship are set.
      The scoring system, the briefing prep talk, and the player pack are designed to establish the expectations.
      To me this is a Warhammer tournament and not a competition in sportsmanship. The sporstmanship criteria is a mechanism by which the worst elements of competitive play can be held in check.
      Everybody receiving maximum sports score, far from being silly, is a win for the tournament and for the players attending and met my hopes and expectations.

  3. Ha ha....Sam the new Warhammer and Dan Butler can have a "Bride-off" one day.

    1. Better a bridesmaid than a.....ummmm....participant?