Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Masters Lists - Magic Items

Continuing its investigation into the Masters Lists, the Skavenblight Bureau of Investigation has provided me with the following information. It details how much each army has spent on "Magic Items".
  • 350 - Warriors of Chaos
  • 315 - Orcs & Goblins
  • 300 - Beastmen
  • 295 - Vampire Counts
  • 290 - Bretonnians
  • 235 - High Elves
  • 230 - Daemons
  • 225 - Empire
  • 220 - Lizards
  • 205 - Skaven (P)
  • 190 - Skaven (L)
  • 95 - Tomb Kings
The SBI suggested that it was obvious some armies were building their whole battleplan trying to squeeze as many tricks and toys into their lists as "humanly" possible.

I told them that they should desist from such pronouncements as there might be perfectly valid reasons why some feel the need to rely on dirty tricks and malignant items. I certainly wouldn't condemn them for following that path.

My contact at the SBI countered with "You asked for the truth and we gave you the truth!"


  1. Well done Pete, you have given us definitive proof for just how under costed the skaven toys are ;)


    1. No, no, no....that is entirely the wrong conclusion.

      Silly Bret player manipulating data to his own ends.

  2. I'm either doing it right, or doing it all wrong...
    I even thought I was pushing the limits with items this time around. I splashed out another 25 points more than I usually would...

  3. I must have an army of extremes.
    Top of the magic items, bottom of the chaff, and didn't even get a mention re the top unit points value which is 280 points for those that are counting. Mind you, that includes 50 points of magic items!
    What's next from the SBI?
    How about
    Levels of fortitude, deployment drops, number of models, magic levels, composition ratios, army footprint, carbon emissions.

    1. Neil - the ways of the SBI are both nefarious and multifaceted.

      My understanding is they have a team of analysts looking into various metrics.

      In other news, a team of Clan Eshin operatives was seen in Masterton last evening having secreted themselves on the trip back from Vermintide. Watch your food!

    2. As for Fortitude - well let's say no-one has adopted the "Mal Patel Gambit"

    3. No ones got the balls to do it lol


      Ps 2:1:0 ratio at the moment, the slann falling in a hole against Tom D didn't help the figures lol

  4. I hope your going to give a list of everybody's chances, and who you think is going to do well. I always enjoy the read.

    1. Interestingly Sam, Ben Curry from Bad Dice Podcast is devoted the Bad Dice Daily to it this evening. I've sent him the lists and Players Pack and he has recorded his verdict.

    2. Oh wow awesome. I look foreward to hearing it. I think mine is on the "softer" end of the scale.

    3. I prefer to fly under radars lol.

    4. Just so I can hear how I will picked to submarine the entire tournament, where can I find this Bad Dice daily?

      Joel v

    5. I will post a link Joel (knowing full well that Joel transcribes every episode)

  5. A SOB (Savage Orc Bus) full of warbosses, shamans and BSB's... Who would ever see that coming...?

    I am looking at all the lists (from the eye's of a 5000 year old corpse) and think If you said the average of the field was 5, we are all + or -1 deviations (except Skaven, they are + 5 for filth)

    With such a solid field of contenders and a mix of rock paper scissors and all rounders, its going to be a very tough weekend!

    I'm interested to see what Bad Dice thinks and how they will factor the generalship into the numbers...

    1. You're joking - no Deathstars, no chaff, no magic.....just hard honest toil, fine fur and twitchy whiskers!

    2. Who ever said all the characters are going in the same regiment??

    3. Think he said both warbosses plus bsb. Anyway, what does he know.

  6. Good news, one less operertive in SBI ranks today, my cat caught and tortured (read played with) and finally summarialy executed (read ate) a rat trying to inflitrate the premesis