Monday, November 12, 2012

Heresy Edition - Death Guard Legion Purchases

Yesterday afternoon I ordered my Legion Tactical Squad for the first part of “Tale of X Gamers – The Heresy Edition”.

Death Guard Legion Marine in Mark III "Iron" Armour

This will be the first Warhammer 30/40k army I have painted since early 2008 (the Aventine Legion Drop Pod Assault Force I used at Liber V) and so I’m going to invest some time and money in it.

I purchased a mix of Mk II “Crusade” and Mk III “Iron” armour, “Phobus” bolters, Death Guard Shoulder Pads, Mk III Squad Upgrade kit. This will let me build my 10 man Legion Tactical Squad with some bits over. As the LTS has no special weapons my only “dilemma” is how to outfit my Sergeant. I’m looking at probably going for a Power Fist and Melta Bombs though I could be convinced to go for a Combi-Flamer to take advantage of the Death Guard’s special chem weapons you sub for normal promethium.

MkIV Armour (Can Use Tactical Space Marine Models)

Hopefully they will arrive in the next two weeks and I can review with photos for those interested.


  1. I have ordered 1x Mk IV armour, 1x Legion Mk IV armour, 1x Mk IV command upgrade kit and 1x Tigrus pattern Bolters.
    I been giving serious thought to the bolt pistol/grenade pack but the above already set me back close to $150
    Just need to decide which legion to make...

  2. I hopefully will be joining up. Salamanders for me. Now I know NOTHING about the Heresy, so I just googled "Salamanders Pre Heresy", and it gives you a really good run down of info. An especially good site is Warhammer 40k Wiki.

  3. Yes John.....I know I have a problem