Thursday, November 1, 2012

Magic Items & Fleeing

In the amended BRB FAQ released mid-week there was the following question added:

Q: Can a fleeing model dispel spells or use magic items? (p24)
A: No.  

This attracted some attention in the comments section but I thought it was worth highlighting for people on the front page.  

On the surface it looks quite innocuous, however all is not what it seems.  

By RAW (Rules As Written) this means that magic armour and the like loses its effect when you are fleeing.

Things like Magic Resistance and other magic item derived innate abilities go away.   It comes down to interpretation of the word "use".  

Now it is my own view that this way never meant to affect passive magic items. In fact, I believe that the probable intention was very narrow and related to the dispelling of spells (thereby covering things like Destroyer Scrolls, Feedback Scrolls and the like).  

However, as it is written, it is very wide-ranging in its effect.   If it remained as it is, what would people's view be on a clarification limiting it to items you actively seek to use e.g. scrolls, potions etc rather than passive items e.g. Talisman of Protection, magic armour  

Messy, but possibly more reflective of the consensus view?   If so, are there any suggestions as to wording?  

Or is the consensus view that if fleeing, items like Charmed Shield, Dragonbane Gem etc lose all abilities


  1. As stated in the other post, I interpret the word "use" to mean allowing innate or passive effects to be used, whilst not allowing items such as scrolls and potions to be used. This I think is the sensible interpretation however the FAQ is ambiguous in its wording.

  2. I agree with Jossy. Rather than emphasise the word 'use', I think 'choose' is a better one for differentiating what is and isn't affected by this ruling. Items requiring a conscious decision to use should be covered by this, which means those that do not, such as Dragonbane Gems and magic armour, should continue working while the model is fleeing.

    My suggested wording would be;
    Q: Can a fleeing model dispel spells or choose to use magic items?
    A: No

  3. I agree with the common sense approach suggested...Dwarfs dont need another "stealth buff".

    Also I feel a little robbed by this FAQ-all this time I have assumed that the new ruling was in fact already in place. I shall go back through all my battles and see where I could have used a scroll when I thought I couldnt!