Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heresy Edition - The Lineup Coalesces

Here's an updated list of those that have shown an interest in "Tale of X Gamers - The Heresy Edition"

Word Bearers - John Murrie
Sons of Horus - Charlie St. Clair
Salamanders - Sam Whitt
Death Guard - Me
Imperial Fists - Tim Joss
Night Lords - Minitrol, Shadowmancer
Raven Guard - Glen Burfield
World Eaters - David Grieg, Jack Dunn
White Scars - James Milner
Space Wolves - Hagen Kerr
Iron Warriors - Leon Colman
Ultramarines - Cody Parlato

So that's lots ten so far. Pretty sure there would be other interested..... Iron Warriors, John Tailby? Dark Angels, Shane Rongonui? These are just three local I think could be coaxed into the fold.

Remember there is no restrictions on double ups. The more the merrier.

I know I'll be doing Emperor's Children as soon as they release Legion Specific models.

By mid -2013 we'll have the Istvaan V book and I'll be looking to run a couple of Horus Heresy events.


  1. At least Sam's Salamanders will be alongside my Raven Guard getting the crap kicked out of us at the Dropsite Massacre!

    May have someone interested in Space Wolves

    1. Meanwhile my Imperial Fists will be stopped asking for directions to the Istvaan system. Bloody Garo...

    2. Hey at least you'll be able to deliver my new armour to Deliverance!

  2. Put me down for Night Lords as well. I may as well say what one I will be working on rather than keeping it a secret until it is shown.

  3. Eeek it's a bit nerve wracking to be in such august company. We may be in the N.Island next year so fingers crossed I can attend one of thee events

  4. Put me down for Iron Warriors.

    Leon Colman

  5. Pete you have just spent ages getting back into fantasy and even playing games.

    How will I cope trying to keep up.

    must resist....

    fine put me down for the Iron hands.