Friday, November 9, 2012

NZ Masters - 40k Field

The confirmed 40k field so far is as follows:

Charlie St. Clair
Mark Buttle
Haydn Korach
Pascal Roggen
Ivan Soo
Daniel Hayden
David Wilson

I am waiting to hear from Henare Akari, Robert Power and James Woodward. I have no contact details for Dean Oldham.

I'll be sending out an email this evening to the confirmed participants todiscuss some potential changes to the format. Depending on final numbers this may involve a round robin/invites expanded to #21-25/ Highest ranked two tournament competitor etc.

Final field will be confirm by Sunday evening.

Edit: Henare is a non-starter so waiting to hear from Robert to finalise things


  1. Interesting to see people who have registered interest in participating, or continuing their participation in the ATC turn down invites. It would be a very difficult position to argue for inclusion over those who are exposing themselves to this level of gaming, and proving themselves in the process.

    Some of the reasoning I have seen so far has been, to understate my opinion on the matter significantly, disappointing.

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  3. Would of liked to come but the cost of the weekend is to much for my so close to xmas. Family to get stuff for, also only had 3 games of 6th and my army needs to be retooled for 6th and not got around to it. Would of been a nice weekend away. Dont get to welly much.

  4. I'm keen, just have to work out how I am getting there.

  5. @ Robert
    Gonna try sort out how those of us in Auckland are getting down this weekend. Will flick you an email or something when I learn more about whether or not we are flying, car pooling etc

  6. Hey Pete I looked for deans cell but don't have it. But try Adam again, he would definitely.

    It's sad so many have turned down invites this year.

  7. Flights, food, drink for weekend $200
    Upgrading army to make it competitive $700
    Loss of income while at masters $100

    Current bank balance -$1150

    nuff said?