Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Maelstrom Games Update

Over the weekend the Maelstrom Games website went down and has not come back up. Most commentators are taking that as confirmation that MG have stopped trading.

There is discussion over at Warseer that a company called Eye of the Storm has purchased the physical shop and gaming facilities of Maelstrom Games and they have a web presence with a website very reminiscent of MG. Bane Legions/Bane Lords have been purchased by Mierce Miniatures. Both of these companies - EOTS and Mierce - are owned by Maunsfeld Gaming (a company set up in June 2012).

Here is a link to a UK business website that details ownership/directorships of various companies.

Personally given what happened with Maelstrom Games, I'd be very cautious being either a supplier or customer of Maunsfeld Gaming.

Your mileage may vary.

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