Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Crimson Fist

Currently listening to the Horus Heresy audiobook The Crimson Fist. It is about the Imperial Fists’ Retribution Fleet to Istvaan V which got caught in the warp near Fael and didn’t arrive in time to be massacred like their allies.

What a humourless and sanctimonious bunch of chaps the Imperial Fists are. Being trapped in a warpstorm with them would be as much fun as having to watch endless re-runs of Father Ted or a weekend Adam Sandler marathon.

The Fists are so uptight they squeak when they walk. I’d suggest that the Drak Angles aren’t the only ones with dark secrets.


  1. Oh Pete. tell us how you really feel...

    I see time isn't helping with those daddy issues =P

    1. No, no "daddy" issues here.

      But funny you should mention them. I'm probably not alone in thinking it is a little creepy that Sigismund drops to his knees whenever Rogal Dorn enters the room. What's up with that?

    2. Offering your superior due respect isn't creepy chief. If only Horus had been more wise and done the same...

  2. Don't Emperor's Children also drop to their knees whenever their Primarch walks into the room. Or their fellow marines. Or a slave. Or a servitor.....

    The Emporer's Children, where every day is Manlove Monday....