Monday, November 12, 2012

NZ 40k Masters

The final field of eight is:

Charlie St. Clair
Mark Buttle
Haydn Korach
Pascal Roggen
Ivan Soo
Daniel Hayden
David Wilson
Robert Power

This is a very strong field with 6 of the Top 7 ranked players participating.

To ensure that it is a level playing field - that is, take luck of draw out of mix - I am adding a 4th game on Saturday so that participants will play every other player.

To do this the schedule for Saturday will be altered with first game starting at 8.00am


  1. that's mildly problematic, dave lewy Mark buttle and myself have to catch the 7am flight from auckland that lands at 8am in welly's, the pack siad it takes 25 mins to half an hour to get from the airport to the venue, so that should have been alright but it's a bit difficult now.

  2. With 6 other games I'm sure you'll all make up the points comfortably for default loss round 1.

    *troll troll troll*

  3. From a logistical point of view I'm happy to draw Mark and Pascal against each other Round One. However you are dreaming to think you'll be there at 8.30am (if you have bags).

    Round one games will still need to be finished by 11.00am, so hopefully you're fast players.

  4. well, my bags arrive first off the conveyer , last time I went to wellington I raced out of the plane and they were on the belt before I was there and I can do that for 3 bags in the hold. [ I've got gold membership so priority baggage, woo hoo:P] . I think we can play pretty quick too, my army set up can easily be one miniature:P

  5. Didn't realise three of us were on the 7 am flight though. Might prove a bit problematic...

  6. Pascal... first I've heard of my flight down saturday morning...