Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Help A Brother Out

Okay, confession time. I've been up to something I'm not at all proud of.

Over the last 4-5 nights I have been basing High Elves. There, I said it! My family knows and they are willing to stick by me but I feel so much better the secret is out.

Of course the family's main concern is that High Elves are clearly a gateway drug. Three or four years ago I dabbled in Wood Elves but, hey, everyone does that when they are young. It was a phase and I thought I'd grown out of it. But no, there I go building and basing (thank the Horned Rat that I contracted the painting out to Sam) a horde unit of Swordmasters, Reavers and a large block of Seaguard.

I'm now getting help and the family are confident that I won't degenerate into the hard stuff - Dwarfs. Once you go there then there is no way back.

However part of the intervention is that I stop interacting with High Elves....and stop soon. To do so I need to get one last hit of Island of Blood figures. These will help me finish off the units so I am never tempted back along this awful path.

So if you can help a brother out I need the following:

2x Island of Blood Lothern Seaguard Spearmen
1x Island of Blood Lothern Seaguard Musician
3x Island of Blood Swordmasters

Please please search your bitz boxes to see if you can help me draw a line under this unfortunate period in my life.


  1. Pete, TerryS here.....have plenty spare so will pop in your letter box 2nite some time.

    1. Thanks Terry, you are a scholar! LMK if you're after anything!

    2. no worries Pete. Picked up far more than I need on trade me recently...unpainted etc...need anymore just let me know. T.

  2. Ultimately it is the family and friends who go through the most in these situations. Needless to say I am at my breaking point, and if you do go down the dwarf route then I need to start putting myself first and sever all ties with you. At that point you will be dead to us.

  3. Do you need a skirt or some high heels to go with those extra HE figs too?

    Going to find it most difficult calling you Petra

  4. Thanks Terry.....much appreciated

  5. you know that the real elf drug is dark. once you have gone black you never look back.