Monday, November 5, 2012

While The Wife's Away, The Mice Will Play

Lynne was away in Christchurch over the weekend so I took the opportunity to get in some games of Warhammer. The last few weeks I’ve managed to get in about a dozen games with the Two Orcs & Goblins and thought I’d have a change. Both the Ogres and the Skaven were crying out for some love so was tossing up which to use.

The Bone Sandwich. Flint-Fang Arrives to Save Seerlord Morskitta (see game versus Ryan Lister, below)

On Saturday Mike King brought around his Beasts and I broke out the Skaven – pretty similar list to what I had been using earlier in the year. I was wanting to try out some Rat Swarms given the new FAQ but was not able to find the spare 50 points (silly Swarms not counting for Core).

The first game (Blood & Glory) was almost settled in the first turn when my Bell, which was echeloned back to avoid being charged by Mike’s Minotaur bus, lurched forward 6”putting it in front of its flanking Slave units. Mike had to make a 2D6 roll of 9 to charge the Bell, with a re-roll due to a magic item. The best he got was 8 and as a result I was able to clog up the bus and go about killing his smaller units. I managed to get enough to break his Fortitude.

We racked up again and this time played Dawn Attack. Both our armies were split to a certain extent between one side of the centre and the other flank. I was lucky that my Bell had two units of Slaves to protect it. However it was faced up against the Minotaur bus, a chariot and the Bestigors. Both of us placed scouts – Mike Harpies and me a unit of Gutter Runners. And really the battle on this flank was decided by a Doomrocket shot that killed 15 Bestigors. The remaining models including two characters were finished off by the Gutter Runners and Warp Lightning. This left the bus to fight its way through two Slave units which it did but not before the Bell moved off to safety. I monstered the other flank and was then able to shoot and magic the bus down.

Sunday saw Ryan Lister, Mathew Collett and James Milner come across. I managed to get two more games in before I had to head to the airport to pick up returning beloved.

The first was against Ryan’s VC and you can read his report on it here. It was a near run thing in that due to me misfiring with my catapult, a unit of Slaves holding up the Black Knight bus lost much faster than it should have thereby putting my bell at risk. I learned an important lesson about picking the right targets and factoring in the effects of a misfire.

My last game was against James’ High Elves, again in Blood & Glory. I was able to ground his flock of Eagles with Warpgale and the Storm Banner which allowed me to dictate the battle. Two well-placed Str 6 Warp Lightning shots shredded the Dragon Princes and when the Hell Pit brought down the General I broke his Fortitude.

So all in all a good weekend’s gaming. It was nice to get the Skaven out again and give them a run. Keen to try the same with Ogres in a couple of weeks.


  1. In hindsight the DPs were way to central. Should have swung wider so I could hide behind the hill in the centre of your deployment zone. Would have meant bus vs Abom but seems better than WLC to the face... Not sure I could ever do much about the eagles getting screwed by storms!

    Was a good lesson in how badly Skaven mismatch va Elves. Take infantry get 13th to the face, take cavalry get too much no armour save stuff to the face

    1. totally agree. When Skaven deploy opposite your High Elves, best thing to do is think "can I alpha strike the greyseerer?" if the answer is no = hide for a draw, or a cheeky 11-9!