Saturday, November 24, 2012

Forgeworld Heresy - New Releases (Pictures)

Forgeworld have released some new Heresy sets:

 Legion Champion & Master of Signal (GBP 22.00)
Mk II "Crusade" Armour Assault Squad (GBP 33.00 for the five)

Autocannons for Support Squads and Breach Squads (GBP 12.00 for five weapons)
Heavy Bolters for Support Squads and Breach Squads (GBP 12.00 for five weapons)

I love the autocannons and will be adding a Support Squad to my Death Guard. The Assault Squad looks great but unfortunately doesn't fit with my Legion. However I suspect the Night Lords and Raven guard among you will be salivating at the prospect.

Not so sure on the two characters. Both would work in a Fists, EC, Ultramarines force I think.

I'm impressed with the pricing - $66 not too bad for 5 resin Assault Marines - and the weapons work out at less than $5 each.


  1. Missing the Volkite Weaponry which is amazing in terms of potential. The are GBP 11 for 10 of whatever of the two you end up going for.

  2. You guess right! Damn how on earth can I shoe horn them into the budget!

  3. So the two characters arent universally compatible as say a command squad for one of the traitor legions? What Mark of armour is it anyway?

  4. I think the Centurion character has more in fitting with one of the "prim and proper" Legions. So pre-Heresy EC, Ultramaines and Imperial Fists (possibly Blood Angels) jump to mind. The Master of Signal would work with more - excellent with Alpha Legion, Raven Guard, night Lords, Iron Warriors, Fists, Ultramarines etc