Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NZ Masters Field - Fantasy

The field is as follows:

Antony Kitson
Pete Dunn
Tim Joss
Tom Dunn
Peter Williamson
Mike King
Sam Whitt
Raymond Dick
Rory Finnemore
Joel van de Ven-Long

Locky Reid has also qualified and has accepted his invite.

This leaves us with 11 people which means Locky would miss out. The criteria has been to restrict the field to only those in Top 20 Ranked. However, I am going to send out an email this evening to those in the field to seek acceptence to added #22 ranked Neil Williamson to give a field of 12.

From a draw point of view 12 people is much better than 10.

Edit: Competitors indicated that they prefered 12 rather than 10 and simple vote passed the invite to Neil.

Final Field:

Antony Kitson (Auckland)

Pete Dunn (Wellington)
Tim Joss (Invercargill)
Tom Dunn (Wellington)
Peter Williamson (Masterton)
Mike King (Wellington)
Sam Whitt (Wellington)
Raymond Dick (Wellington)
Rory Finnemore (Auckland)
Joel van de Ven-Long (Wellington)
Locky Reid (Wellington)
Neil Williamson (Masterton)


  1. What about Joe Dixon? The guy is a maverick...just look at his record!

  2. The idea was to get away from wildcards and have the invites tied to the Rankings.

  3. Yeah...I know, but the event has already had to deviate from it's stated why not get add a caveat to the Masters....say failing getting the top 20 involved the next person with the most top 5 placings? To be honest I wouldn't mind having my arse handed to me by Joe!

  4. Well 8 out of the original 12 are there so not too big a deviation.

    The Masters was set up to reward tournament performance. I'm happy to let field decide. I'll send out email tonight, laying out alternatives.

  5. Congratulations to those that made the event.

    You should do video battle reports of some of the games Pete. I'm sure you can pull of a convincing Skaven voice.

  6. Looks like a tough field. Should be a decent variety of armies in attendance. I can pick a couple but some I wouldn't know....

  7. Looks like Kitson and I are the only ones representing the big smoke. It seems as if we'll have to prove that Auckland is not only the greatest city to live in, in this fine country (sideways glance...) but also the mightiest haven of the finest wargamers. In fact the wargamers in Auckland are so good that only two could participate for fear of totally dominating and confirming their wargaming hegemony!
    Let the smack talk begin!

  8. Of course you're right Rory....northern gamers have won 3 of the 4 WHFB Masters to date.

    You guys fight out 1st Place, we'll make up numbers and compete for 3rd

  9.'re not meant to talk us "up" during smack-talk, or are you gently stroking our ego and setting up the big-city-boys for a fall with your deft use of reverse psychology? Pressure is on, we have a reputation to live up to then!

    My plane tickets and hotel is booked, plus one cheerleader (missus)is coming along for the other words my shoulder to cry on...

  10. I will be there representing the country bumpkins....