Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Masters 40k Clarifications

Clarifications were sought on how some rules will be played at the Masters. My take is to check whether an official FAQ exists and if not to read forums where issue discussed and then make a decision.
  • Allies of Convenience can be Scoring Units
  • If a character is mounted on a chariot is engaged in an assault then the chariot itself may be attacked
  • For the purposes of firing the Doom Scythe is assumed to have a Front Arc of 180 Firing Arc of 45 degrees. The Death Ray can be targeted at units outside this line of side but wounds may only be taken from with the area where LOS exists. Vehicles outside the LOS are not affected.


  1. Its funny, my interpretation to all the above is almost the opposite.

    Allies of convenience cannot be scoring. they are down the food chain from all the other levels of allies.

    You can only attack the character on the chariot, not the chariot itself. When the character is dead, you may attack the chariot. Pretty sure it says this in the rulebook somewhere.

    The Doom scythe has a 45 degree arc just like any other fixed mount weapon (A barges, D cannons etc). The orrigional firing point is the only point that needs to remain in the arc. Just as a template can scatter outside range/firing arc, so can the beam.

    Dosn't bother me much as I'm not involved in the 40k side of things, but none of what you posted makes much sense to me

  2. It specifically states under Desperate allies that allies may not score/deny objectives. There is no such statement in the allies of convenience section so allies of convenience can score/deny.

    Chariots - It says they CAN be directed at rider, doesn't say they MUST.

    You are right re Arc of Fire it is 45 degrees not 180 degree.


    Q: Can blast markers hit a model that is not in the attacker’s line of
    sight if they do NOT scatter? (p33)
    A: Yes, as long as the target enemy model for the blast
    weapon is within the firer’s line of sight.

    FAQ gives exception for blast markers no exception is given for beam

    1. wasn't the beam defined as a blast with a 1mm wide template in the FAQ's?

      I don't have the book with me, but I think I might have been thinking desperate allies for the first one.

    2. Page 50 – Doom Scythes, Death Ray.
      Change the second sentence to read “Then draw a straight line (considered to be 1mm in width) between the two points.

      Nothing about blasts.

    3. Allies of convenience count as enemy units, if there are enemy units near an objective you can't control 123

    4. No that's not quite correct. Your units treat them as enemy units, you don't.
      They are Troops and not vehicles so are scoring units.
      No specific exception exists as does for Desperate Allies

  3. For the Death Ray I'm not even sure you need any FAQs regarding blasts/beams to make a ruling on it. The 'Out of Sight' rule on Page 16 of the main rulebook makes it pretty clear that you can't cause wounds on something you don't have LOS to. There is nothing stopping you hitting them, and rolling to wound, but wounds cannot be allocated to things you can't see. Note that if the Tesla has a different fire arc from the Death Ray mounting then that could actually increase your kill area (since LOS is determined by model not weapon).