Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tabletop World Windmill Released

Yesterday I posted that I had been undercoating buildings I had purchased from Tabletop World. Well overnight they released their latest creation for sale.

The new kit is a Windmall (as you can see). It stands just under 10" tall and looks like it is, as with all their kits, well sculpted and easily put together.

The cost of this kit - including airmail postage to NZ - was Euro 67 or around $110.

In addition, as part of a Xmas offer you get a kit of additional supplies. Hopefully they will release the accessories pack seperately as I'd love to get a Dog House for my Town House.

Hoping mine arrives in time for Xmas!


  1. A dog house Peter? You're a Catman.
    That windmill (along with all the others) looks really good.
    By the looks of it you should be able to motorise it and make the sails move.
    My Brets would have a real windmill to tilt at then just like Don Quixote.
    I'll be adding it to my "why not have a look here for Christmas presents" bookmark.

    1. Maybe I'm going to have a Ginger Cat named Nurgle IN my Town House with dog chained up outside. Or maybe rats occupying the house and a cat house outside

  2. Like all married men, I'm sure Pete is familiar with the dog house.