Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review: Greyed Out Productions Dice Bag

Being the international fashion icon that I am, when I saw the dice bags being sold by a US firm Greyed Out Productions being advertised on Dakka Dakka I just had to have one.

I ordered the Dark Grey Suede Bag with Halloween fabric (Purple & Green FTW) at the start of November and it promptly arrived this morning. The bag cost USD 17.00 and you can see the products they have available at their website

The product is very high quality. It is reversible so you can have suede or pattern as inner/outer. The bag has a thick cord double drawstring as well as strong machine stitching.

Certainly recommend the product as it is not only a dice bag, it also functions as a fashionable head accessory for the neighbourhood's dominant cat.

Nurgle Is Well-Pleased With His New Crown
(Photo taken 1.3 secs before Tom lost an arm)

And for all you fashion victims out there - well, haters got to hate!

Please Note: No cats were harmed during this review although the same can't be said for the humans


  1. That's one way to stop Tom beating you at Masters . . .

  2. The only thing more wanky than this is the concept of bring a velvet rolling tray to waste your opponents time whilst you test their patience.
    I wish I had an extra set of arms so I could give this garbage four thumbs down.

    (Was that a sufficient portrayal of a hater so that you have your bases covered?)

    1. I can smell the total jealousy on your breath from here.

      Is just nice to see someone do a purple and green dice bag properly!

  3. At first glance i totally thought u had the bag over the cats head, Abu Ghraib Style.

  4. No Nikola, we don't do that in our country

  5. What's a little ethnic cleansing between friends?

  6. The cat may have stolen your goat cart 20 years ago.
    In old country we don't mess around

  7. Thanks for the great review! That cat looks absolutely miserable. I hope the dice bag serves you well with lots of hits and crits in all your gaming. =)