Monday, November 12, 2012

The Little Slaves That Could!

I managed to slot in four games over the weekend against James, Mike and Ryan. The most memorable aspect of the games occurred in my battle versus Ryan’s Vampire Counts – the story of “The Little Slaves That Could”.

On Turn One of our game an Engineer warp-lightninged a unit of four Blood Knights, killing one. This obviously enraged the Blood Knights who failed their Frenzy test and declared a charge on a unit of Slaves. They then proceeded to get the double “6” they needed to complete the charge into the unit of Slaves. Emboldened by seeing their mighty leader, Seerlord Morskitta bravely leading from the back, they fought like rats possessed and held the Pride of Drakenhof. Next turn the Engineer from earlier in the tale led his unit of Slaves into the flank of the Blood knights. What happened from there is Slave history. Over two rounds of combat the Slaves beat the Vampires both times, removing first two and then the last remaining Blood Knight.

Having witnessed this feat of heroism, the brave and strategically-astute Seerlord Morskitta extolled his other unit of Slaves to similar heights. They stood in front of the Black Knight bus allowing the Engineer led scouts to charge the bus in the flank – before the brave Engineer skitterleaped to safety another strategically important locale. The Slaves and combined shooting (okay, it really was the shooting) reduced the Black Knights to a Champ, Standard Bearer, Vampire Lord and Vampire. As the Seerlord shouted encouragement one unit of Slaves “exploded” and in their cornered rat death throes inflicted the final indignity - first, the Champion was killed and then the Vampire Lord had an eye scratched out by the trapped slave.

This should be a salient lesson to all. Even the lowly 2 point Skavenslave can performed feats of heroism when led bravely (from the rear) by a brilliant Seer. And Morskitta has told me he has brilliance in abundance!


  1. Wow man!! thats waht il ike about skavens... when things go right..they rock!!

  2. And my blood knights would have got away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling slaves!