Monday, November 19, 2012


Looking through the lists for the Masters while eating my raw fish, I decided to count up the chaff on offer.

Defining chaff as a unit or character 75 points or less we have:
  • 7 - Beastmen (Ray)
  • 7 - Vampires (Rory)
  • 7 - Daemons (Tom)
  • 6 - Lizards (Mike)
  • 5 - Tomb Kings (Tim)
  • 5 - Orcs & Gobbos (Sam)
  • 3 - Empire (Joel)
  • 2 - Skaven (Locky)
  • 2 - High Elves (Peter)
  • 1 - Bretonnians (Antony)
  • 1 - Skaven (Pete)
  • 0 - Warriors (Neil)
now I could comment on this observation - and if I did I'd probably say that it appears some of my opponents are looking to clog up the board with cheap crap - but I don't really think it would be appropriate so I'll pass.


  1. Isn't your entire army chaff Pete?

    1. Apparently not.....remember numbers never lie.

      No chaff, no deathstars - just solid hardworking mammals

    2. Whatever lets you sleep at night =P

      We all know Skaven is an army of filth. Dirty Rats...
      I also hear they are competitive as well ;)

    3. Tim - we can only look at the paw we are dealt.

      Hey, I've got Rat Ogre.

  2. I should be 5 Pete. 2 Single wolf chariots and 2 manglers.

  3. 75pts??? Please... I use Lord level characters as chaff! Slightly hard-to-kill chaff, but it has a similar effect.

  4. @James - I know what you mean James. At times I've had to resort to using characters as chaff as well.

  5. @ Pete...sit back, relaxin' being cool, a bunch of shooty skaven down by the pool,
    when a couple of vamps, who were up to no good,
    started making trouble in clan Eshin's neighbourhood,
    they got got in one little fight and the Grey Seer got scared,
    "were moving through the underway to Skavenblight ya here"!

    The next thing ya know a black coach pulled near,
    the license plate said "death" and there was a vamp in the rear,
    "No way we're hitchin' a ride this cab is queer"
    So pull up an HBomb and off to Bel-air (a town south of Araby)

  6. Pete

    Strange how you've picked 75 and not 80 or 90; oh thats right that would then include your slaves, biggest chaff units in the game.
    Lets make it 90 so your now first equal with me on 7.

    As for the biggest unit - so your clanrats + bell + bsb ....(is there any doubt thats where they'll deploy not really). thats an 800 point unit none of mine with characters will get to 600
    So again you've raced in to the lead on that table to

    Numbers don't lie!
    You can try and muddy the waters but your list is hitting the bell on all levels

    1. Sorry Raymond....all I heard was the grumbling while you shifted the goalposts.

    2. Apparently I'm first equal with you Ray....a bit rich counting the characters as chaff, I'm not sure whether to be insulted on their behalf (yes I know they are inanimate lead figures, but that doesn't stop me from pretending they have feelings!).