Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Masters Approaches

Preparations for the Masters are going well and I am just about to hand things over to the Umpires.

I pick the trophies up today; I have loaded datafiles into Overlord, printed off score sheets etc.

Tomorrow evening I am moving tables and terrain to the venue. I’d really appreciate any assistance possible. With a few extra hands it makes it a 10 minute job. If you can help I am picking up the tables from Khandallah Presbyterian Church (Ganges Road, opposite New World) at 6.00pm.

Once the hall is set up, my work is done until after the event. I’ll then be able to devote my energies to crushing my opponents under my clawed paw.

Remember the Masters event is open to all. So if you’d like to drop in for a look at the Fantasy, 40k and Flames of war events then please do so. It is an opportunity to see some hard fought games featuring this year’s highest ranked players.

Finally, I’d like to thank James Milner, Ryan Lister, Hagen Kerr (Fantasy & 40k) and Russell Briant (Flames of War) for umpiring the event this weekend. Appreciate them giving up their time for others’ enjoyment.

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