Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vermintide This Weekend

This weekend the Warlords and Masterton Marauders are running Vermintide here in Wellington.

Unfortunately I couldn't attend - airport run and exam run overlap with the event - but I will be turning up and throwing popcorn.

The event is 1200 points and sold out all 20 of the available spots. Five rounds, special scenarios, it should be a heap of fun.

If you are in Wellington and free you should check it out. It is being held at the Warlords normal venue, KPC Hall on Ganges Road, Khandallah (opp New World). Visitors are not only welcomed, they are encouraged.

Well done to the Warlords, the Marauders and especially Neil Williamson for all their efforts in making this event possible.


  1. lol dont you mean Vermintide? Basing High Elves making your brain all mushy

  2. Sam over at "Hashuts Right Hand" provides his insights on field and bemoans the soft and fluffy nature of his list. Must have mistaken it for Fluffycon poor chap.

  3. Yes John, of course I meam Vermintide. I'm not sure what you mean :-)

  4. Agreed. Thanks for all the hard yards you put into setting up Vermintide Mr. Neil Williamson, Masterton Marauders, and Wellington Warlords!

    @ Pete: I like the lightly buttered popcorn. Also, John and I could bring down our spare dwarf models for you to have a game with them on a spare table against people who dare to challenge the mighty sons of Grungni. That's if you were keen for some of the hard stuff that is. Sandcastle building 'aint for everyone you know. *chuckle*

    Is the Masters 40k/Fantasy tournament the last one for the year then?

    - Adam Richards