Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cupped Hands

On Sunday afternoon Mike King and I gave our Masters’ lists a run-out in a game of Battleline.

By Turn Three all was going well, one unit of Sallies had been neutralised, some ex-Saurus were bearing down on the Slaan, the Ancient Steg was crewless and down to 2 wounds while a unit of Slaves were finishing off the remnants of the other two (fleeing) Saurus blocks which has been battered but bettered the HPA and the Doomwheel.

Sitting atop his Bell, Seerlord Morskitta slipped the drive into cruise control and lay back fof a well-deserved rest. When…..

< < BANG >>

The last thing Morskitta saw before he slipped into the warp was the Slaan making an obscene gesture while he cupped part of his anatomy.

Suddenly the Skaven were fighting for their lives as a now pumped up Lizardmen army turned on their tormenters. A buffed (WS 10/In 10; ASF) Stegadon took down the Bell while the Slaan eventually beat the ex-Saurus who charged him, helped by some rallying skinks.

In the end another unit of skinks saw off Slave block they flanked charged while the Clanrats were able to just hold on by the skin of their teeth.

So what looked like a comfortable 20-0 turned into a 8-12 and could easily have been a 5-15.

And this is why I love Warhammer.


  1. Replies
    1. Not at all.....the unexpected and random makes it a fun and challenging game.

    2. The hellpit's 18" move 90 degrees from intended direction was both unexpected and random


    3. It's probably more your telling of a very one sided story. The way it reads (IMO):
      I blatantly outplayed my opponent for hours. It wasnt even close. It was the biggest hiding you can give someone in this game. Then he made one dice roll and I lost.

      That's not randomness making it fun and challenging. That's fucking stupid.

      However I've played this game long enough to know that's not actually how it would have played out, so none of the above actually applies. It was probably actually a fairly see sawing affair for a while with a couple of early swings one way before a dramatic couple of swings in the opposite direction pulled it back the other way, and if a lesser player had been behind the wheel they likely would not have been able to capitalize on it to such an extent.