Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fields of Blood - The Players

Here is a selection of photos of participants at the recent Fields of Blood.

Pascal Roggen (5th Place with Blood Angels) in his game vs. Ryan Lister's Grey Knights

Previous winner Dave Lewy realises he isn't going to do it with Tau

Wellington local Jordan Green was one of three CSM players

Dave Lewy again. Up to his "shidy" tricks

Warlords' Kent Jackson ran a new SM Biker army

Bryn Jones and Cody Parlarto 

Event Winner Charlie St. Clair

Courtney Thomson came across from Australia for the event

Young lad who wandered in off the street. He was mesmerised by all the shiny toys and spent the afternoon reading the new rulebook

You can see Charlie excels at empathy

Dave Foster vs. Ryan Stuart

Dave wakes up when he notices Ryan's three Trygons

The grandaddy of the scene Hagen Kerr - played at all the FOB going back to 2000 and still chasing that elusive First.

Josh Diffey explaining wound allocation to Ivan Soo

Syan van der Ham and Matt Hassall in Grey Knights vs. IG

Kenny (James Milner) fresh from Euro 2012, plays Phil Porter

Henare Akari was Top Black Templar player

James Stewart ran Ultramarines

Wes Barclay (Orks) vs. Adam Thornton's Nids

Aaron Graham ran Dark Eldar

Officer Wiggum - Haydn Korach 

The quiet and reserved Josh Diffey

Norfolk Island's Top Ranked Player - Al Unicomb


Mike King realises that this ain't a Fantasy tournament

Again, Mr. Lewy

Sam King running Eldar

Blaise St. Laurent ran Blood Angels. He had a tough weekend but did bring nice biscuits. Glen Burfield his opponent here

Pascal and Ryan (where we started)


  1. Oh man, I look like I'm putting on my best Dom Hook "You're willing if I say you're willing" face (it's okay to joke about rape, just ask Daniel Tosh). Thats what I get for still painting my army at 3am the morning of the tourney after chain driving to and from the airport all night!

  2. Apparently smiling isn't allowed at tournaments. It's Serious business!

  3. And these were the only ones I could use!

  4. That is one sultry look Charlie is giving. right click save as for the hidden folder ;D

  5. I've got a world famous booty and rugged mane of hair now.

    Is that why you look so dodgy Charlie, sneaking a peak...?

  6. Nikola, change the folder name to Internet Explorer, change its icon, and stick it straight on the desktop. BOOM! HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. No one will ever click it.

    I actually suspect these photos are faked. It is very, very difficult to believe anyone could catch Josh Diffey with his mouth closed! ;)