Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skaven Delta Force.....Locked and Loaded

By the start of the second day the Skaven had abandoned their objective of destroying the Realm of man, deciding that this was an obvious printing error and their real target were the Elves.

“Elf…..the other white meat”

With this change in strategy we had to go through the Orcs to get there so……..

Game 4 – Sam Whitt (Orcs) – Battleline

Sam had all three of his sideboards and so I was outpointed by between 250-300 points for the battle. I deployed quite tight with Abomb wide (Sam’s Black Orcs had flaming banner).

Essentially this battle went Sam’s way strongly at the beginning as a Mangler took out the Furnace. I then released I had the ultimate foil for the bloody things in the 15 point Engineer. Out went Squuiissh and took one for the team. The second Mangler was removed covered in small bits of flesh and fur as the brave doomskaven took nine wounds!!!!!

I set about picking away Sam’s warmachines with my gutter runners leaving him with a block of Savage Orcs with Warboss and his Black Orcs. My casualties were restricted to the WLC and the Clan Pestilens contingent.

Play of the Match: Squuiissh taking one for the team

Game 5 – Peter Williamson (Wood Elves) – Realm of Man – Battle for the Pass

So the last game was against Peter’s Wood Elves in BFTP. Fearing the Doomrocket, Peter deployed his Eternal Guard in a single rank. Unfortunately for me my Slave unit with the Doomrocket engineer panicked after Gutter Runners fled from a first turn charge by Wild Riders. Peter reformed his Eternal Guard into a block which was unfortunate when the Slave unit rallied and next turn Mr. Doomrocket killed 19 of the tasty elves.

Things got a bit more desperate for Peter when I transformed his Wardancers into Clanrats. This new unit managed to tie up an eagle for 3 rounds of combat before dying. Sensing he needed to do something desperate Peter charged his Level 4 Spell Weaver (Lore of Beasts) into my Abom, hoping to utilise the Transformation into a dragon to kill him. Oh how we laughed when he then rolled “snake eyes” for the Winds of Magic 

The Spellweaver actually lasted a round but after that it was all downhill for the Elves as one unit of Dryads (fighting Slaves) was Scorched and another were turned into clanrats.

Play of the Match: Peter's ballsy move with his Beastweaver

So I finished the weekend with five wins – but far more importantly had five games against fun opponents.

Our realm was second largest by the end but as we did not achieve our objective I’m classing us as 4th Overall.


  1. You seem to just roflol through tournaments, I read with a diminishing hope that you'll lose :( What goes on in that Dunnesque head of yours? Need to make a film, "Being Pete Dunn" so I can understand better.

  2. Being Pete Dunn is a very scary thing wouldn't want to go there.

    The best thing about these campaign weekends is that they aren't about winning and losing. the key thing is to have some fun and roll some dice.

    the group that's been to the two this year have been excellent and I'm really grateful that it's been approached with the right mindset.

  3. We knew there was a rat in the ointment with that second round draw, when the High Elves had to take on two of the Skaven team.

    It was a fun weekend though, despite my sun dragons refusal to survive a game, the prince on top was slightly better surviving 2 games.

  4. Hehe, yeah It does look like fun, I'd like to partake one day myself, the condensed campaign and resultant adventures seems brilliant. Book first, then maybe the movie imho :D