Saturday, December 29, 2018

40K - Hobby Tip - Tinting Canopies

Over Xmas I have been painting Harlequin vehicles to take to the Long War Doubles at Adepticon.

I did not like the clear plastic canopies so decided to try and tint the canopies to make them better fit my paint scheme.

Going online, I saw techniques that used Humbrol Clear Paints but did not have any or access to get them quickly. So I decided to experiment.

In my collection I have the Gem Paints GW released a few years ago. They are to create gem like finishes on silver background. I decided to see if I could use them to tint canopies.

Well, you can. You need to do a few thin coats and in between time use a brush loaded with water to stop any pooling.

I think it has come up well and I like that it is thin enough to let the light through and throw it onto the face mask.

So a happy discovery - and a new use for those paints.

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