Sunday, October 28, 2018

Warhammer 40k - NZ Masters Invitations

Warpstorm XI held over the weekend completed the 2018 Tournament Season. The results have been uploaded to the rankings and the final standings are as follows:

  1. Dave Hodgetts
  2. Sean Sullivan
  3. Glen Burfield
  4. Courtney Thompson
  5. Aidan Corlett
  6. Scott Paterson
  7. Shane Rongonui
  8. Chris Parkin
  9. Josh Hill
  10. Sam Whitt
  11. Ryan Stuart
  12. Simon Smith
  13. Liam Miskelly
  14. Adam Thornton
  15. Ryan Pike
  16. Jordan Green
  17. Felix Nesbitt
  18. Ben Clarke
  19. Pete Dunn
  20. Haydn Korach
  21. Dave Lewy
  22. Michael Stewart
  23. Henare Akari
  24. Vinnie Purcell
  25. Bede Bailey
The first sixteen of those will get immediate invites to the Masters. Should any decline their spot they will cascade to the next person in order. As I am umpiring the event I am declining any invitation I might get now. 

Congrats to the Top 25 players out of the 250 people who participated in ranked events this season.

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