Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hobby Update

With last weekend being the NZTC this obviously took up much of my hobby time. However a few things were achieved.

First and foremost a "legendary" unit was spawned. Due to odd numbers at the NZTC, the von Trapp Family withdrew to remove the need for a bye. Instead we played our own round robin - in the von Trapp Invitational Lounge, no less - over the course of the Saturday. On Sunday we played a game of Triumph & Treachery.

In the game I had versus Dan Butler's Warriors of Chaos, I managed to get a unit of Skullcrushers to overrun whereby a Skavenslave unit could charge downhill and hit them in the flank. Armed only with their +6 CR this brave unit of Slaves beat the Khorne Monstrous Cavalry not once, but twice and caused them to flee off the table. The week before the same unit of 40 Slaves had taken the charge from twice their number of Higgins' Clan Scurvy slaves and beaten them, causing them to explode. From now on this unit will be known as the "Fester Spike Annihilators". Tremble in fear!

I managed to sell around $300-400 worth of stuff at the Bring & Buy. Of course I had to reinvest some of the money and picked up Archaon on Foot, the Ltd Edition WoC Box Set BSB, some Hobgoblin Khans and two boxes of plastic Chaos Dwarfs. The only downer was that a couple of items off the B&B table were picked up with nobody speaking to me or arranging payment. Hopefully this was an oversight and people will get in touch later this week.

Painting wise, on Monday I started painting my four Stormfiends. The last two nights I've concentrated on skin and getting the armour right. My intention is to make them suitably grimey - as though the Master Moulder and Clan Skyre Engineers have put them together in some pit or cave. I'm estimating that they should be table ready late next week.

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