Friday, March 6, 2015

von Trapp Invitational

The other event that took place last weekend was the von Trapp Invitational. Ensconced in the VIP Lounge the four members of the von Trapp Family team amused themselves for two days.

On the Sunday there was a four way Triumph & Treachery game where we used 1000 point armies in the "Get The Artefact" scenario. The artefact in this case was a statue of the great Seerlord Morskitta. There are a number of these littering the Old World due to injudicious use of Final Transformation.
The game saw two Daemons of Chaos, one Warriors of Chaos and a Wood Elf line up to capture the statue. In the end Dan's Warriors were victorious holding off a fast finishing Wood Elf offensive from Peter Williamson. Peter had to content himself with securing the title of "Most Treacherous Opponent" displaying a moral compass that a Gnobblar would be proud of.

Saturday say a round robin where we used our NZTC armies in a three game mini-event.

Round 1

Peter Williamson von Trapp (Wood Elves) beat Tom Dunn von Trapp (Daemons) 12-8
Peter Dunn von Trapp (Skaven) beat Dan Butler von Trapp (Warriors) 20-0

Round 2

Peter Williamson von Trapp (WE) drew with Peter Dunn von Trapp (Skaven) 10-10
Dan Butler von Trapp (WoC) drew with Tom Dunn von Trapp (DoC) 10-10

Round 3

Peter Williamson von Trapp (WE) drew with Dan Butler von Trapp (WoC) 10-10
Peter Dunn von Trapp (Skaven) beat Tom Dunn von Trapp (DoC) 16-4

From my point of view, it was pretty clear my army matched up well versus the other armies. In the game versus Dan I was able to reduce his mobility and then address each threat in turn. It did see the emergence of the Fester Spike Annihilators, a unit of slaves so dedicated to the Seerlord's cause that they will charge Skullcrushers (a few caveats - down a hill, in a flank etc etc). Versus Peter, I made an awful error allowing a kamikaze charge by Wild Riders on the front of the Bell which saw the removal of his Seerness. I almost got away with it by overrunning after a magic charge in turn six. However I was left less than an inch from the board edge and Peter was able to collect the last wound from the Bell.

In my game versus Tom I pushed into the middle of the board Turn 1 and was able to remove (13th) the Herald with Final Trans (you see, an old rat does learn). Tom then suffered awful Magic Dice which saw him get only two spells off during the game. This allowed me to pick up units piecemeal to secure a nice win.

A big thanks to the other von Trapps who suffered our withdrawal from the NZTC without grumble. This was greatly appreciated as the removal of the bye greatly enhanced the integrity of the NZTC result.

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  1. I don't mind byes (I may be in the minority) but really appreciate what you guys did (pulling out) and hope you enjoyed the side tournament.