Monday, March 30, 2015

Adepticon - 40k Teams Tournament Armies

Here are some pics from the winners of Best Display for the 40k Teams event. These were displayed on the Saturday evening in one of the hotel foyers.

The winner was Brandon Palmer's Golden Throne. This clearly was a wonderful display piece but I'm pretty sure they could have put any army on it and it would have won. I'll have some separate pictures of it in another post.

Eldar feature pretty heavily in the winners.

Nice Titan

Dwarfs in Space

The Ulthwe army I liked


Iyanden Craftworld

Last year's Nids

Chaos Incursion

The Necrons seen earlier in the day. The Display Board detracted rather than added to the army IMO.

Most of the nice larger models were below ground and couldn't be seen clearly.

See what I mean?

What you could see was very nice.