Friday, March 6, 2015

NZTC - Host of the Eternity King Audition Tape

The most common matchup at the NZTC was between Not-So-High-Now Elves and Less-Dark-Than-We-Thought Elves.

Over the course of the weekend they fought nine times. The sum total was a win to Dark Elves 93-87. If I take out the top and bottom scores (HE win 20-0 and DE win 17-3) then the average result was Dark Elves beat High Elves 10.85 to 9.15.

Interesting all but one of the remaining seven results (DE 14-6) fall into the 9-11 point range.

"You go first"

"No you go first"

"Let's both go first"

"Better still let's hide in opposite corners"

The term "Flat Track Bullies" springs to mine. Elves really are the Mark Waugh of the Warhammer World.


  1. I cant help but feel mostly responsible for this...

  2. what were the other mirror matches like? I would expect two very similar armies played not to lose would get results like that.

  3. And for the record that 16-4 was because my lvl4 went down the hole t2 and a certain Dark Elf mage IF'ed Flesh to Stone just as I set up the killing blow on the cauldron unit...

    Otherwise it would have been a very respectable drawn game :D

    Joel v

  4. Well, what can I say about my round against HEs. Never before in the history of Dark Elf magic has anything ever gone wrong so badly, so quickly in the first round. Shoulda brought a witch bus and put my sorceresses in there ! They may have survived longer that way.

  5. I found playing James that I took all of the points that were there to be had given my army. When so much is hidden in a Star Dragon and a mounted Bus you end up with more than half the army being very hard points to get for DE unless you're 6 dicing FT or Dwellers.

    That being said it's still in the DE's favour due to a sense of inevitability. If a game were to go until there was only one side left I'd pick the DE's everytime over say James M's list

    1. Given your ability to mass AP missile fire on his bus, couldn't you have taken that off too, over a few turns. His armour save drops to 3+, which doesn't hold forever. Or did James prevent you getting the volume of fire you needed to chip away at the bus?

    2. For sure and by the end of the game the bus was starting to look shaky, but the fact of the matter is is that the bus is relatively low threat, it's far more important to win the counter-battery war early, down the frosty and clear eny chaff. By the time that's done it doesn't usually leave enough time to drop the whole bus so long as your opponent is being careful. Which James was..

    3. I figured that would be the case, there's always something more important to shoot at. James is a smart guy, I imagine he used the bus to herd you, but from a protected space, with the Star Dragon and Frosty's charge arcs preventing you massing too much fire. Plus getting within 24" means Dwellers coming back at you I guess.