Thursday, March 12, 2015

Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Bobby Ewing Edition

Some big changes have been leaked in relation to End Times and the Warhammer World overnight.

Come 9th Edition this better be on the cover:



  1. Bobby Ewing, Incarnate of Life.

  2. Is it still chicken-littling to rage when the warhammer world has literally exploded?

    1. Well I guess on the upside all the rats are dead..

    2. True, Lizards got away onna spaceship, ha ha f*ck you Skaven...

      On a more serious and less jovial note, that is... a bit lame.

  3. The question is how do you design a fantasy world that is not a variation of tolkein or D&D. If you take elves dwarves and orcs out of the game or move the game out of a psuedo medieval setting you don't have a fantasy game.

    I'm surprised you guys are not talkign more about the rule change that removes any restriction on percentages or numbers of units. No more core tax no more limits on numbers of rare units. If you want an entire army of dragon riding heroes you can.

    1. Not as far as I'm concerned you can't. I won't be playing under that composition system. Mainly because the narrative everyone will forge will, by sheer coincidence, have the most points efficient units in their army book only.

      I don't want to face armies of Doomfire Warlocks, Skullcannons or Star Dragons. I'd rather take my bat and ball and go play over in Mantica.

    2. Good take, John. I agree Tane. Most (if not all) of fantasy literature contains the main streams of elven races, dwarfs, humans/humanoids, orcish creatures, animalistic (lizard/goat/other type) hybridmen, dragons, ogres, trolls and giants, angels and daemons, living and undead. Magic and/or martial prowess. And simple 1st edition man in one form or another.

      They are part of our collective memory and folklore. It incorporates oral tradition, written history and sagas, classic and ancient literature, through the dark and middle ages right through to today. It will be difficult to find a spin on this that does not reflect any of these elements .

      Just last night I heard this delightful line in Vikings Season 3 Ep 2:
      Lagartha says: "It is so beautiful, dwarves must have made it.
      Ecbert replies: "We don’t have dwarves in England."
      Lagartha: "Of course you do. You just don’t see them."

      You cannot have a fantasy game without the core elements. GW may want to call them something else, but the elements must surely remain the same, good and evil, man, faster and smarter than man, bigger, slower and stronger than man; or smaller, tougher and cunning, or variants of the above. It is the fabric of fantasy.

      With regards the free-for-all rules. I would also not like to play anywhere near a ruleset that allows "bring-as-many-of-your-strongest-units-as-you-can" This would set us up for an arms race like you have never seen, and only GW will be the victor, as they will then continually bring out stronger and stronger units to feed the demand for the power hungry players who buy into this. Call me cynical, but I have played in a club where we played WW2 without bounds (other than points value). It is unbelievable how quickly you go from Pz IIIs and infantry to King Tigers and 88mm guns. (The saving grace here was that it was only $12 Airfix kits)

      The only reprieve from the horrors of free-for all, armies of Beasts of Nurgle, Warlocks, and other broken things seems to be that the waiver of composition could (may) just be voluntary, and limited to End Times Archaon. I really hope this is so, otherwise it will really be herohammer and monsterhammer.

      9th Ed will be interesting times indeed.

  4. Any chance tetto echo will wake up and it was all just a dream?