Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adepticon "How You Use It" Gaming

On Thursday I played in the HYUI 1000 point event. This was three games, End Times armies and scenarios. I didn't play last year but was keen to try it out this year - mainly as it took up only the majority of one day rather than a day and a half (like the 2400 points).

My list was:

Herald of Tzeentch - General, Level 2 Tzeentch
Herald of Tzeentch - BSB, Level 1 Metal
3x 10 Horrors - 3x Std, 2x Muso
3x Beast of Nurgle

Game 1 - Dave Tiarina (Lizardmen)

Dave had a big block of Saurus, two lots of skink Skirmishers, a salamander, bastilodon and a unit of 6 Jungle Swarms. It was led by a Skink Priest.

I led the Saurus off to one flank while focusing on the Skinks, Salamander and Bastilodon. Eventually the Skullcannon got the big beastie, while the others were either blasted off or in the case of the Sally beaten up by a Beast. All the while the Swarms closed on my main Horror block. Hit it in the flank with another Horror unit who managed to hold out until the end of the game. Saurus never saw combat but I did get Priest when he exited the unit.

Win 20 points

Game 2 - Mike Ballard (Dwarfs)

Scenario here meant you had to get three units to the centre line. Mike had 2 units of Quarellers and a block of Ironbreakers. In support was a cannon and a rock lobber with a Gyro. He had Runesmith and two Thanes.

I used a Beast to take out Gyro then threw him and his mate into the cannon. The other Beast threatened the flanks of the Dwarf blocks. I managed to Gateway off the Ironbreakers over 3 turns leaving only a Thane General and BSB. They split for the two Quarellers units. I had time to Blue Fire/Gateway one unit killing the General.

Win 23 points

Game 3 - Will Paul (Legion of Chaos)

Will's army was led by tooled up Level 4 DP of Slaanesh and backed by two units of MoS Marauders, a unit of Hellstriders and a Skullcannon of Slaanesh.

The Skullcannons went early - Will's blew up, mine died to Reign of Chaos. Will lost a unit of Marauder cav to the Reign of Chaos and I removed the other one with Magic Missiles. It then became very cagey as the three wide Hellstriders charged the flank of a Horror unit and Will chose to put his DP in the middle of my lines rather than support them. I held turned and destroyed them in the following round.

With Will's DP threatening I split my characters out from my Horrors and lined him up for three MMs - Bolt of Change, Gateway and Searing Doom. Unfortunately the phase was a 6-2 split (I channelled twice). Will stopped the Bolt allowing me to cast Searing Doom. I did five wounds and we waited as Will checked his list to see if he had the 2++ Flaming. He didn't and then failed all five 5+ wards.

Win 25 points


Of the forty odd players in the event I finished highest on battle with 68 points. The next highest was Steve from Northern Defense on 67 then a drop to 57 in third. This was enough to give me Best General.

I was very happy with how the list performed. It gave me tools for most jobs if I applied a bit of strategy and showed some patience.