Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Adepticon 2015

So this evening I leave for Adepticon 2015. The journey is approximately 24 hours door to door involving three flight (for those of you unaware how out of the way NZ is).

For me this will be my hobby highlight of 2015. Last year I came away so enthused by the creative aspects of the wargaming hobby I saw on show. New Zealand doesn't do conventions like this. Yes, we have multi-system events with perhaps the FLGS there and a bring and but table but nothing like the scale I say last year.

With this in mind I've only entered two events - 1000 point Singles on Thursday and the 1000 point teams on Friday. Around this I have 6-7 classes/tutorials booked on painting, weathering and terrain making. So four days of geek heaven.

I'll also have a lot of time to take photos of all the activities and armies on show as well as what vendors have got to sell and what demos are being run.

Check back for photos over the next week.


  1. Safe travels, looking forward to the photos and tales

  2. So jelly. Have a great trip, say Hi to all the other wargaming celebs!