Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adepticon WHFB Teams Tournament - Army Display

For me the highlight of the weekend was always going to be the Teams Event. First, it gave me and Jack a day of gaming together, second it was Teams and third you get to see all the cool army displays.

In this post you'll see some pictures I snapped. A couple of things; firstly the light was shite. Last year there was a lot of natural light in the WHFB room, this year it was all ceiling chandeliers; and secondly, like all the WHFB events it suffered from End Times syndrome - where with the release of ET people waited to use the latest filth. This meant mismatched armies and a general lack of new army activity this year.

So I will post the pics. Generally they are self explanatory but I will post commentary where I have something to add.

The next army were our opponents in the first round. End Times all the way - Undead Legion and Host of Tyrion.

Great to see a themed force - Mono God Legion of Chaos

This army had some very nicely painted High Elf characters.

Of course there was the ubiquitous White Lions as well.

It's Miller Time!

Wherever there are Dwarfs there are mountains and holds - enjoy it while it lasts. Oh Wait! Too soon?

"Old Alliances". It could read "Marriage of Convenience" just as easily!

One thing noticeable about the Mid-West is that it is a Frostheart free zone. I thought that a Frostie would be great at 240 points. However I think I saw only 1-2 in all the Elf 1000 point armies present.

" Of course we should take to Terrorgheists"

Two is the new Black

However the Canadians know the Frostie is broken.

Johnny Hastings Beastmen deservedly won the Army Display prize again this year.

Some nice Plaguebearers.

And the traditional Skullcannon of Nurgle.

Throgg makes an appearence

As does a Maggoth Lord

Three must be the American Brian Smith



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