Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kickstarter - Miniature Scenery Terrain

The Wargaming Kickstarter market has taken quite a hit over the last couple of years plagued by delays and non-deliveries. Personally I have been quite lucky in the projects that I have backed in that no monies have yet been lost. Creature Caster are looking like being a year late and the custom dice maker I backed, well who knows. Tablescapes were 8 months late but arrived and product was great. Mierce have always delivered pretty much to schedule.

The latest Kickstarter that I have been tempted into investing is Miniature Scenery Terrain which can be found here

They produce resin terrain, most of which is scatter terrain like walls, fences, columns etc.

The terrain comes unpainted so it is entirely customisable to your current tabletop.

I have pledged at the "Master" level but may yet push it up to "Paragon" depending on how many stretch goals they hit.


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