Sunday, March 22, 2015

Adepticon 2015

Ok here at Adepticon 2015 and finally will have some time to start giving updates.

The first two days have been busy because of playing. Jack and I played the "How You Use It" event on Thursday and then played the Teams Tournament yesterday. In the Teams we went 1-1-1 playing three great games - including one against ET Elves allied with Goblins that had 13 warmachines.

I was lucky enough to win Best General in the Singles event finishing the highest on battle points. Jack came in 7th in a field of about 40.

The big story here Fantasy wise is the evolution of the armies over the past 12 months. Gone are the big infantry blocks we saw last year and pretty much every pair in the Teams and a lot of players in the Singles were either ET Elves or ET Legion of Chaos. And the "filth" element has been ratcheted up tremendously.

That's had a huge effect of the "calibre" of the armies and the presentation standard of the last two years is not as evident. This was a little disappointing as the Teams army display last year was a real highlight. I get the feeling that the whole End Times thing has killed the commitment as people don't want to spend too much time on an army that may be invalidated in a couple of months. Hence a lot of mismatch Elves and WOC with Skullcannons.

I'll be interested to see how the Champs look today.

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  1. Congrats on the good results gaming wise Pete.

    Shame about the presentation standards having fallen though.