Thursday, March 5, 2015

NZTC - More Analysis

Thanks to Tim for sending through final results sheet. I'll post full sheet soon but first here is some more analysis.

The Velociraptors

Here are the Top 10 individual pointscorers at the NZTC.

Not sure what the statistical probability is of getting ten different races as your top pointscorers but either we were very lucky or FOB Lite Comp worked really well.

Well done to Greg Greenfield on breaking 100 points.

In the final column is the ratio of the player versus their team score. So I'd like to congratulate Locky Reid on a phenomenal score of 46.7%. Remind me never to wait at a bus stop with that man!

Never Leave Something On The Table

Efficiency specialists will marvel at the performance of Pants Off and Shirts Off. Both teams never capped an opponent nor required welfare points. These are the teams that the Thatcherites amongst us marvel at. They stand on their own eight feet - albeit without their pants or shirts - and take responsibility for their own scores.

The above teams should be a model for the following three:

1. Pete's Potluck - 24

2. The Nice Team - 20

3. Stonefall Massive - 19

These three teams left the most points on the table due to the capping mechanism. Dare to dream guys, dare to dream.



  1. My name surely can't be that difficult to spell correctly Pete?

    1. I mean, even one of the two names would be nice. Otherwise, awesome to see the spread of armies at the top.

    2. I have a limit on the number of "c"s I willing to use in a row.

      Apologies McCrae. Send me the bill for counselling.

  2. Just looking at the complete results, isn't Locky Reid's percentage much, much higher than that? He got considerably more than all his teammates combined...

    1. I was being a little bit politic and using their score rather than their raw score. Raw Score it is 62%.

      What is even more staggering is Locky only stepped in on Thursday evening and was using somebody else's list for an army he had previously not played.

    2. OK yeah, that is a very fair effort.