Wednesday, January 16, 2019

40K Harlequin List - 1000 Points

At the end of March I am going to Adepticon in Chicago and have signed up to play in The Long War Doubles. Jack will be using his Dark Eldar so I need to have 1000 point list to complement them. I've decided to use Harlequins.

The list I am working towards painting is as follows:

1000 Point Harlequin Battalion - Masque TBC


Troupe Master - Fusion Pistol, Relic + Warlord Trait
Shadowseer - 2x Spells TBC


3x Troupe - 2x Caress, 2x Fusion Pistols

Fast Attack

Skyweaver Unit - 4x Glaive & Haywire

Dedicated Transport

3x Skyweaver - 2x Shuriken Cannon

That comes in at 989 points. I'd appreciate any C&C on makeup, loadout, possible, Masque, Relic, Traits and Psychic Powers.

1 comment:

  1. Soaring Spite work really well for Harlies. Allows you to fire your assault weapons (haywire is the big thing here) without taking the penalty for advancing. Also allows you to shoot pistols from Starweavers.

    The Falcou's talon Warlord trait combined with the Great Harlequin Strat gives some seriously hefty movment. Troupe's are extremely brittle. So it's kinda important to earmark the stratagems for each troupe because if they dont kill the unit they fight, they tend to die really easy. 3+ invuls mitigate that a chunk(from strats).