Monday, January 14, 2019

40k - Harlequin Vehicles

Over the break I painted up the vehicles for my initial Harlequin list so that I could get them on the table and start playing.

I have painted up 4 dual-Shuriken Cannon Starweavers and 8 Skyweaver jetbikes with Haywire. 

The crews haven't been done yet as I can add them as I paint them and still play in the interim. Also the placement of the crew will allow me to more efficient paint the highlights on the vehicle (no point highlighting then covering with riders 😀)

I wanted to be more muted in my Harlequins and not have the vehicles too garish or ostentatious.

Looking through my hobby drawers I found some of the magnetic flight stands Jack had bought from Litko. Using the same Secret Weapon bases used for Jack's Dark Eldar, I created magnetised bases for these flyers. The army's basing has been painted to match that of Jack's and my Dark Eldar.

I'll get some final pictures up once the riders are completed. In the interim I am painting Troupes to go in the Starweavers.

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