Friday, October 19, 2012

Heresy Releases

My Heresy army is pretty much decided with news of the release schedule for Forgeworld. This information is through well-known and reliable source, stickmonkey:

October - early November:
Centurian Shabran Darr (World Eaters)
Rampager Squads upgrade kit  (World Eaters)
Abaddon (Sons of Horus)

The FW guys are very keen on getting this special treatment out for all the featured legions in Betrayal. 
I don't know the exact order of release for the legions, but DG are supposed to be nearing reveal after the finished Abaddon is ready. 

Mortarion (Death Guard)
Deathshroud (Death Guard)
Death Guard upgrade kits for Mk.II - MK.IV (Death Guard)
Death Guard upgrade kits for Cataphracti Terminators (Death Guard)
Crysos Morturg (Death Guard)
Durak Rask (Death Guard)
Legion Vindicator 

A DG contemptor body is in the works along the lines of the relic body. Pretty much just the same as the relic, but has DG iconography.

So come November I'll be buying Death Guard as they are released. Death Guard are my first Chaos love and I have two NZGT-winning Best Painted Army award-wing Death Guard armies ("Not sure if they are well painted or just messy"). So it seems right to build a Heresy era force over the coming months.

- Got in first, Charlie - Go World Eaters


  1. Charlie could try Emperor's Children yeah? Be nice to see a good purple scheme put together.
    .... What do you mean, he already did them??? ?? :D

  2. ECs are so the ultramrines of Pre Heresy :P

  3. Didn't Charlie already do EC?

  4. Charlie did pre Pre-Heresy EC.

  5. Charlie will do whatever army list will enable him to win all games. Most marine lists are not guaranteed to win all games so will have no appeal.

  6. Popular opinion (conversations in the Dunn household)= Sons of Horus for Charlie.

  7. I'd love to see Charlie paint either the World Eaters or Sons of Horus.

    The SoH are likely to get the most individual character models with all of The Mournival represented at some point.

    My biggest hurdle is the DG color scheme. I'm not a big fan and so keep drifting to pics of the EC

  8. Metallic sea green looks pretty naff. But anyone can skeeze a nice army out of that paint scheme, Charlie can.