Monday, October 1, 2012

Goblining - First Tentative Steps

On Saturday, nine of us got together at my place for a day of gaming. The other eight have all signed up for Skitterleap and were trying out their army lists prior to submission in a couple of weeks, while I was trying Orcs & Goblins for the first time.

In the morning I played Neil Williamson's Warriors of Chaos and managed a losing draw. Later in the day, I matched up against John Tailby's Dark Elves and was pretty substantially beaten.

So what did I learn about the O&G?

The key thing was that I had my setup wrong. I had made some predetermined decisions as to in which units I was going to deploy my characters and this led to a sub-optimal deployment. I had placed my General and BSB in the large units when they would have been better in my archers. This is easily changed for the future and I believe I now have a far better handle on both the set up, deployment and character placement.

Little Waagh wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it is a pretty passive lore. I can see myself switching my Level 4 to an Orc Shaman to unlock access to the BigWaagh. This is a simple 1:1 swap with the Level 2 losing his Ruby Ring.

Other than that I was happy with my list - for the next few games anyway. I'm sure it will be a work in progress. I would like to persevere with the Spider but can see that it is probably not the best/most efficient use of points. It is however quite fun to use and the venom surge provides some additional threat.

Next time too I'll remember to make my Animosity rolls!!!


  1. no animosity rolls?!? *facepalm*

  2. Just checked a few things re our game Pete.
    Fanatics are lost if the unit flees.
    Pump wagons are unstable so when you took a wound and I stopped you, you were right.
    When I ran over your fanatic with my horsemen to charge your doom diver I should have taken 2D6 hits not one as I kill the fanatic.
    Now I've just got to try and remember Rampage!

  3. Fleeing Fanatics and Unstable Pump Wagons - as I said my thoughts were that they were lost and I took wounds but I defered to your superior O&Giness.

  4. Where is the rule stated that fleeing fanatics are lost? Couldn't find it in the FAQ, and am at work so don't have my Army book.

  5. Oh yes, I forgot it was your bad ruling Sam, I'd have tabled Peter if not for you, Insert Tui Ad.
    Last sentence in "Hide in Units" page 53 of the army book.
    I've only played gobbos at Karak 8 Peaks with the new gobbos so I'm very rusty on the new rules. PWs were not unstable before, just rickety.

    1. So if a NG unit flees that hasn't released its fanatics, are the fanatics destroyed?

  6. Yes.
    Have you been cheating all this time?

  7. It looks that way.... Although my Ng never flee! Kinda makes skarsniks ability pretty crap.

  8. It was a fun game against Pete.
    The Hydra beat the spider 2 wounds to zero and it fled off the table, then the hydra got eaten by the mangler squig which then ran off the table.

    tweaked the list from Saturday as there were a couple of sub optimal placements.

    anyone got any tips about what you do against Toms daemon army? that looks like a pretty bad list.