Friday, September 28, 2012

Update - Masters Armies

Just a heads up on armies for the Masters:


The Chaos codex being released on 8th October will be used at the 5th Annual Masters in December. Participants will have had two months to digest and play the book and that is ample time.

No other books released after 8 October will be used.


The last Fantasy Army Book allowable at the Masters will be the White Dwarf update of the Daemons of Chaos. Although Warriors of Chaos are rumoured for November, one month is insufficient time for everyone to come up to speed.

Hopefully GW will have released FAQs for Vampire Counts and The Empire by that date.


  1. Hey Pete, as it's now been confirmed it's not a new WOC book but a WD update, can I use my Jugger Knights at the masters?!



  2. Regardless of whether full book or WD update it will not be out until November at earliest so that would be a "no".

    Just the knight bus rather than the Juggernaut Deathtrain!!!

    1. Foiled again! Fair enough though, one last run out with the current book as is!