Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guardcon Fantasy Results

Here are the results of Guardcon held in Auckland over the weekend:

Seven different armies in the Top 10 with only Ogres having a repeat appearance.

Amazing that there were no Skaven or Dark Elves padding the boards. Particularly pleased to see that the outbreak of Dwarfism in Auckland evident early in the year has been quelled. Beastmen and Chaos Dwarfs the other two armies missing


  1. Having only half the armies represented was pretty odd, I must say. No Darkies, Skaven or (probably more importantly) Lizards to curb the Ogres, and Russ's bus and poison Tims Caskets/Catapults off the board, but you can only play whats infront of you.

  2. DE were comped out under the Player pack IMO

  3. No Dwarfs? PAH! Not a 'real' tournament then.

  4. Be interested to know what the Ogre army lists looked like - is there anywhere we can download them from?

    1. Send me your email and I will send them to ya. All filthy.