Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My 40k Chaos Armies

Starting with my Emperor's Children and Death Guard, it appears that the new 6th Ed codex is broadly in line with the Gav Thorpe's Bastard Child version.

Noise Marines and Plague Marines can be taken as Troops if you take Lucius (EC) or Typhus (DG) or a Marked Lord as your HQ.

Unfortunately it appears that Noise Havoks have gone and there is no capacity for sonic upgrades on anything but Noise Marines. So that Noise Biker squad I have is still a non-starter. However it does appear you can mark Oblits - Mark of nurgle looks a given.

However the saddest thing is that it appears Cult Terminators missed the cut. Yes you can take Marked Termies but that doesn't give you weapon options (EC) or FNP (DG).

Does anybody know anything specific on options around these two armies?

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