Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Forgeworld in 40k

I've always been pretty permissive with Forgeworld in the tournaments that I run and to date have had no problems. At this year's "Fields of Blood" a few people brought Forgeworld models and there were no outcries.

Is there anything in the Imperial Armour books that you think you could bring to a 1500 point game and it would be completely unbeatable? I don't mean couldn't be killed, rather given missions and normal list requirements would unduly advantage you?

Want to hear people's thoughts.


  1. There is possibly a move towards forgeworld being full blown permissible anyway.

    Otherwise I've never really gotten my hands on a FW book to try break it.

    1. FW have been marketing a decent chunk of their stuff as usable in standard games of 40k for quite a while. Given how good the models are and the relative price point decrease all it would take for it to actually be widely accepted is GW itself giving the green light rather than the child/sub company which isn't responsible for maintaining the ruleset.

      In terms of power level, on the whole its generally on par with standard GW stuff, i.e its mostly balanced, has a few dud units and a few insane ones. The real problems are usually the incredibly cheap upgrades for existing models i.e pay 5 points to upgrade Chimeras to have Autocannons and massively increase the effectiveness of your anti tank firepower. This imo is why no one has really complained about FW stuff yet, because to really break it you have to rework your entire army rather than just tack on a couple of cool units.

      In short I would be ok with FW being allowed, as long as we are only talking about FW units being added to existing lists (i.e not the FW specific army lists). Its a rather delicate issue though, I would prefer it to be not allowed at all if there is any concern at all with potentially broken combos forcing some sort of veto system to be set up.

  2. I would say i have no issues as long is 40k approved in the IA, any apoc units would be over board. They dont seam to be broken to me they have the same flaws as any other units. Its not like you can bring super heavy's onto the table.