Friday, September 28, 2012

"We Are His Children"

More Emperor's Children info from the new Codex:

Noise Marines:

4 + Noise Champion: 95 pts
Additional Noise Marines: +17 pts


Power Armor
Bolt Pistol
Frag & Krak Grenades
*Any model may take a CCW + 2 pts

Sonic Weapons:

Sonic Blasters: +3 pts
* any model may upgrade their bolter to a Sonic blaster

Doom Siren: +15 pts
* the Noise Champion may take a Doom Siren.

Blastermaster: +30 pts
* if the squad number at least 10 models one may upgrade their bolter to a Blastermaster.

Icon of Excess:

FNP +40 pts

Slaanesh Marked Units:

Chaos Marines 15 pt
Terminators 35 pts
Obliterators 74 pts
Havoks 15 pts

So from this it appears that my Noise Bikers, Noise Havoks and Noise Terminators are out - although the Termies and Havoks can be Mark of Slaanesh (as per GTBC). Obviously I'm going to have a lot of spare Blastmasters.   The question comes as to whether rather than using the Chaos Codex that I may be better using Codex:Grey Knights to construct my EC. Certainly it allows me to create both Noise Terminators and Noise Havoks with Psycannons filling the Blastmaster role and the Sonics reduced to Storm Bolters.   Alternatively I can look at running Noise Marines - dropping the Blastermaster from my 6 man squads - and allying in Daemonettes.   Only 8 days until the book comes out

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