Friday, September 28, 2012

Review - Sarissa Precision Movement Trays

A couple of weeks ago I decided that rather than recycle my old movement trays - mostly Back2Bas-ix and Warpuppy - I would buy new trays to fit the current army builds for Daemons, Lizards and Night Goblins.

Looking around on the net and having listened to a few reviews I started looking at the trays made by Sarissa Precision in the UK. At around the same time James brought his High Elves over and he was using the product.

I jumped on their website to check them out and found that they offer two options - basic movement trays and the same with custom cut bases included.

 Here are the trays and the custom cut bases

Firstly, the website was a joy to use. Everything is clearly laid out with different tray types having a dropdown menu where you can specifiy the exact size tray that you want. If you want horde trays for Bloodletters, you can get them; Skirmish trays for Screamers, yep again you can order them.

In the end I ordered 29 trays - from Horde to Skirmish (11 Daemons, 9 Night Goblin, 9 Lizards) - all for under NZD 200 including postage. Their prices are just about the cheapest on the market particularly when you take into account the degree of customability on offer.

Postage is very cheap GBP 2.50 flat for under GBP 50.00, free above. I made three separate orders - paying GBP 7.50 I didn't have to - but I was keen to get each order as soon as it was in stock.

I needn't have bothered. All three orders were on my doorstep four days after ordering. Given they came from the UK that speed of service is staggering.

The trays arrive with each size in its individual plastic bag

Onto the trays themselves. Three things appealed to me when I saw them. Firstly, they are complete trays with lips on all four sides. A lot of alternatives e.g. Back2Bas-ix are three sided being open to the rear. There are benefits to this however I believe four sided look "smarter". Secondly, the tray comes as two piece - top and bottom - rather than multi-part where you have to put the lip/top together. Again given these have been precision cut they look neater and have less potential for variation from square. Finally being supplied as atop and bottom you can put your steel paper as a layer between the top and bottom rather than cutting it to fit inside the lip. Again this gives a neater finish.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase. They score well on Product, Price, Service and Postage. I can't recommend them more highly.

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