Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting the hobby mojo back...

After a bit of burnout, I've been pretty over the hobby for the last couple of weeks. Apparently that is prettttty much over though...

Gettin' my hobby mojo back!
So, here I am, listening to podcasts, painting the Old Cripple's Rhinox Cav, and eyeing up some tasty tasty terrain I'd like to paint.

So... Why post about it? Well, firstly - I'm pretty keen to get a small group of people together for a terrain painting/building day in the next week or two, anyone else interested? Pete, you could always drybrush with your left hand, odds are it will be an improvement.

Secondly, I'm fairly sick of listening to tales of other people playing 6th ed, and I just wanna play some games with a variety of lists and start hashing out what actually works, what doesn't work, what's fun, what's not fun (flyer spam!), and get involved. If you're in wellington and you're keen, either chuck a comment in here or let me know via one of the 999999999999 various forms of contact Gen Y is plugged into.

Finally... Airbrushes. Once old man rivers brittle bones have healed as much as the effect of the significant amount of time he has been exposed to allows, I'm going to give him a bit of a session around using his airbrush and getting simple easy to achieve results from them. Given I'm not particularly great in this area myself, this would mostly be aimed at a beginner level. If anyone is keen, or just wants to check it out to decide whether they would like to invest in one themselves, let me know. If demand is low I'll likely lump a bit into the terrain session. If it's high, then we'll go with a stand alone session on its own.


  1. Yes I would be interested. Both in terrain painting and in observing some 40k gaming.

    Also keen for the "Remedial Airbrush 101" course

  2. I dont know if the 40k scene can handle the combined egos of Pete and Charlie.
    Dark tidings XD

  3. I'd be up for a game

  4. I'd be keen as I have some terrain that needs to get out of the box and built!

  5. Oh no, I wasn't going to paint that thing, just the stuff I own 100% :D