Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chaos Codex Confirmed

The first 6th Edition is confirmed as Codex:Space Marines.

Pre-orders go live this weekend on 22 September (expect actual models at UK Games Day) with release on 6 October.

The revamped White Dwarf debuts this weekend so expect lots of Chaos CSM goodness.

Obviously for me this is a bittersweet time. Yes we see the demise of Gav Thorpe's bastard child - but I know the boat carrying my dreams is about to be dashed on the rocks of mediocrity and disappointment.

As Geogre Gregan once said "Four more years" - and it was eight!


  1. Any thoughts about when the Dark Angles codes might be expected? I've been out of the loop and so don't know how old the current one is...

  2. Imminently Dave, next couple of months at most IMO.

  3. Cool thanks Charlie